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Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Product Description Blood Monitoring

Plug In. Know More. Take Action For self-monitoring and management of blood glucose. The first blood glucose meter with plug & play diabetes management software. Accuracy, innovation and convenience for your patients with diabetes. Helps transform knowledge into meaningful insights Just insert a test strip and plug into a whole new world of diabetes management. Integrated AutoLog technology for intuitive meal marking Brightly colored display and lighted test strip port - easy to read everywhere and anytime Text messages instead of error codes Rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port USB connector and integrated diabetes management software from Bayer Date and time synchronization with the computer for accurate result tracking 2000-test memory Uses Bayer's CONTOURTM technology No CodingTM Technology Minimizes effects of many common interfering substances Automatic control solution marking Contains: Contour.USB blood glucose meter Meter quick reference guide Meter use guide Wall charger USB extension cable Bayer's GLUCOFACTS® Deluxe Quick start guide Bayer's MICROLET®2 lancing device, alternative site endcap, adjustable endcap, 25 colored lancets Bayer's CLINILOG® logbook Carrying case Bayer Contour test strips and Contol solution are sold separately  

Product Features Blood Monitoring

  • Bayer contour USB Meter
  • Bayer Contour Meter
  • Contour Glucose Meter NO CODE
  • GLucose Meter Contour
  • Contour Glucose Supplies
blood monitoring
By Thomas
The product is excellent and easy to use but there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. You can try to call them but you will NEVER get through. Last years there were here reviews about it but a "smarty" erased them for BAYER. The USB STICK is self explanatory but BAYER must rethink their CRM strategies. The customer service gets a -5 for NON-EXISTENCE.

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